Can Schlumberger Withstand This Rigorous Yet Simple Test?

As I was researching a few oil companies and trying to stay on top of all the happenings within the industry, I suddenly realized that I was getting caught in the noise of the market. Oil prices are declining on a daily basis, news flashing are everywhere about a catastrophic hit on energy stocks. It’s tough not to listen to all that madness. I completely forgot about rule no1: ” Don’t pay attention to the Market“. Easier said than done my friends!


While reflecting on my profound moment, I decided to stick with the basics and go back to the old school approach. That’s right, I am talking about Benjamin Graham & Warren Buffet school of thought. Therefore I simply took a stand of a Defensive investor’s* approach developed by Graham and consulted my stock software.

*Think conservative, extremely cautious and “play it safe” type of investing.

Here are my findings on “Schlumberger(NYSE:SLB)” using 7 key criteria ( Defensive Investor) approach: Continue reading